as drawn by Jordon Greywolf.

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"Okay, firstoff, imagine a real arctic fox. Only upscale it to about the size of a large lion, with sturdier legs, and a big fluffy tail. Now chop off the head for a moment and put it to the side. We'll need it later. Now get a human. Female in this case, and cover her in fluffy white fur. The human, sans legs, from the waist up to the neck goes on the shoulders of the fox. Remember that head? Now replace the human's head with that. Smooth out the rough edges. That's a keshant."

Foxen's a keshant with a silly streak a mile wide. She doesn't take much seriously. Humor and good spirit are her way of dealing with the world, one day at a time. She likes to listen to her Pony Walkritter cassette player, jamming to whatever music she has on at the moment. She wears a sleek black leather jacket with a silver dragon in a golden circle embroidered on the back.

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