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January 1996:

  • Charcoal & Amber by Watts Martin
    A tale of both incredible beauty and the savage dark side of animal nature.
  • Playing the Hero's Role by Watts Martin
    Sometimes being a hero is just doing the right thing at the right time. This can be harder than you might first suspect, though.

October 1995:

  • The Cattle King by Watts Martin
    Two thieves stumble into a town held in the thrall of horrors of the night. An origins story for the vampire bat species.
  • Flying Companion by Watts Martin
    A day in the life of a vampire bat is not your typical night. Much less so when she has a friend to fly with.
  • A Gift of Fire, A Gift of Blood by Watts Martin
    When a young feline named Mika starts visiting the wrong side of town, he finds much more than he bargained for. Curiosity and cats have a long intertwined history, however, and Mika soon forms an unlikely friendship... with a vampire bat!
  • The Lighthouse by Watts Martin
    Revar, a 'morphic vampire bat, is rescued from drowning by a kindly lighthouse keeper named John. She quickly befriends the large bear, and when his late wife is implicated in an old smuggling operation, she tries to help solve the mystery. Revar has her own inner demons to fight, though... and soul searching can be a difficult thing for a predator. This is the sequel to A Gift of Fire, a Gift of Blood.
  • Wounds by Watts Martin
    A beaten and weak vampire bat finds help from an unexpected source, and a healing of more than body.

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