The Lighthouse

by Watts Martin

Copyright (c) 1991, 1992 Watts Martin
All Rights Reserved

This story is the sequel to A Gift of Fire, A Gift of Blood. It is recommended that you read that story before this one, though it is not required to enjoy this one.

Revar, believing that she's killed her lover Mika, flees to Raneadhros. Despite her grief, when an accident occurs on the docks, she heroicly rescues a child from the ocean, but is unable to save herself from the waves.

She is rescued, unconscious by a lighthouse keeper, who helps her recover, and in the process helps her talk about her grief. In turn, he shares some of his own grief over his dead wife. Neither are happy, but the sharing helps ease the pain slightly.

The lighthouse keeper's pain is not eased, however, when the city guard show up to search the lighthouse, saying that his dead wife was part of a smuggling operation. New evidence had been turned up after ten years, and they wanted to find her records.

Meanwhile, Mika, who is very much alive and well, follows Revar's trail to Raneadhros to find her...

Thus begins the story; Revar struggles to overcome her grief, and fights to help her new friend clear his wife's name. And in the end she finds tragedy, and must face her worst fears before finally finding redemption.


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